Took a few days off and headed down to Moab.  It was everything it always is, amazing, rocky, dusty, crowded, and soooo much fun.  If you have never camped in the desert, I highly recommend it.  Warm, sunny days and lovely cool nights.  A barren wasteland of adventure.

DAY 1: Demo a new bike, desert riding, 10.5 miles, tired dog, tired girl, love the bike.  

Fueled by hummus & veggie wraps, lara bars, beans & rice, oh and coffee.  Saw the super moon rise coming over the desert bluffs.  Pretty magical.

DAY 2:  So tired.  Tried to bike and only went on a short ride.  Legs a little tired from the return to desert biking.  I forgot how hard it is!  So much to think about it and control.  

Until next time.